Grade 5 Math Curriculum

Understanding the Grade 5 Math Syllabus & How You Can Support Your Child

Grade 5 math may seem like a steep hill for many students. There are more concepts to learn, teachers go deeper into each topic, and there is a heavier emphasis on exams.

We’ve laid out all the KooBits Grade 5 math syllabus below. These are aligned to Philippine DepEd Math Curriculum. Use it to help your child fill learning gaps before any exams!

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Performing Whole Numbers

  1. Rounding numbers to the nearest hundred or thousand
  2. Rounding numbers to estimate sums
  3. Rounding numbers to estimate differences
  4. Rounding numbers to estimate products
  5. Estimate quotients using compatible numbers
  6. Solve multi-step problems involving whole numbers
  7. Solve word problems using systematic lists
  8. Estimate the answer and check reasonableness of the calculated answer
  9. Find total value given average and number of data
  10. Solve up to 3-step word problems involving average
  11. Find number of data given average and total value
  12. Understanding exponents

Working with Decimals

  1. Compare and order decimals
  2. Round decimals
  3. Add and subtract decimals
  4. Multiply decimals
  5. Divide decimals
  6. Estimate sums, differences and products of decimals
  7. Convert between kilograms and grams
  8. Convert between metres and centimetres
  9. Convert between kilometres and metres
  10. Convert between litres and millilitres
  11. Multiply by 10
  12. Multiply by 100
  13. Multiply by 1000
  14. Multiply by hundreds
  15. Multiply by thousands
  16. Divide by 10
  17. Divide by 100
  18. Divide by 1000
  19. Divide by hundreds
  20. Divide by thousands

Studying Percentage

  1. Express a part of a whole as a percentage
  2. Express fractions and decimals as percentages
  3. Express percentages as fractions and decimals
  4. Solve problems involving discount
  5. Finding a percentage part of a whole
  6. Finding a percentage of a quantity

Discovering Geometry - Parallelogram, Rhombus and Trapezium , Solid Figure and Nets

  1. Find an angle involving an isosceles triangle & a parallelogram
  2. Find an angle involving an isosceles triangle inside a parallelogram
  3. Find an angle involving a parallelogram
  4. Find an angle involving a square & a rhombus
  5. Find an angle involving a triangle & a parallelogram
  6. Find an angle involving a trapezium
  7. Identify and name parallelogram, rhombus and trapezium
  8. Find unknown angles using properties of parallelogram, rhombus and trapezium
  9. Properties of parallelogram
  10. Properties of rhombus
  11. Properties of trapezium
  12. Identify nets that can form cubes
  13. Identify a face of cube from its given nets
  14. Identify nets that can form cuboid
  15. Identify nets that can form pyramid
  16. Identify nets that can form prism

High-ability - Performing Whole Numbers (Money)

  1. Given total amount, repeated-quantity & a difference relationship, find the amount for one person
  2. Given transfer amount & relationship between two persons before and after the transfer, find final amount for one person
  3. Given the amount of spending and repeated-quantity relationship, find the final amount for a person
  4. Given the initial repeated-quantity relationship and the change in amount/quantity, find initial total amount/quantity
  5. Given total value & quantities of notes exchanged
  6. Given quantity-cost relationship & repeated-quantity relationship between items
  7. Given quantity-cost relationship & absolute cost difference between items

High-ability - Ratio

  1. Given ratio & absolute amount of one party
  2. Given ratio & absolute quantity difference
  3. Given ratio & transfer amount
  4. Given ratio and total quantity, find one quantity
  5. Given ratio of items before and after addition & additional quantity
  6. Given two ratio sets among three parties
  7. Given two ratio sets among three parties & amount for one party
  8. Given two sums & one ratio set among three parties
  9. Given ratio before and after a timeframe
  10. Given ratio before & total quantity after a timeframe

Mastering Fractions - Concept of Fraction

  1. Multiply a proper or improper fraction by a whole number
  2. Solve world problems involving multiplication of fractions
  3. Add unlike fractions
  4. Subtract unlike fractions
  5. Express division as fractions
  6. Express division as mixed numbers
  7. Express fractions as decimals
  8. Express division as decimals
  9. Express mixed numbers as decimals
  10. Division of Whole Numbers as Fractions
  11. How Fraction and Division are Related
  12. Concepts of Fraction and Division (Part-Whole Model)


  1. Express one quantity as a fraction of another, given their ratio
  2. Ratio and Proportion
  3. Find ratio of one quantity to another, given their fraction
  4. Express a ratio in its simplest form
  5. Find one quantity given the other quantity and their ratio
  6. Solve up to 2-step word problems involving ratio
  7. Find ratio (idea of ratio)
  8. Find the equivalent ratios
  9. Find a quantity given the total amount and the ratio
  10. Ratio of three quantities – Involving common factors
  11. Solve word problems involving ratio of three quantities

Discovering Geometry - Angles

  1. Find an angle at a point
  2. Find vertically opposite angles
  3. Find an angle on a straight line
  4. Find an angle at a point, involving right angles

Practicing Measurement in Our World

  1. Measures of temperature
  2. Measure volume in cubic units
  3. Measure volume in cubic centimetres and cubic metres
  4. Find one dimension of a cuboid knowing its volume and other dimensions
  5. Find volume of liquid in a rectangular tank
  6. Volume of liquid in cubic centimetres and cubic metres

Understanding Pattern and Introductory to Algebra

  1. Represent an unknown number using a letter
  2. Substitute the letter with a given number
  3. Write simple algebraic expressions
  4. Simplify algebraic expressions
  5. Solve word problems involving algebraic expressions
  6. Finding unknowns in equations
  7. Solve one-step equations

High-ability - Fractions

  1. Given relationship between fractional & repeated-quantity values, find the value of a number
  2. Given total mass expressed in fraction
  3. Given fractional quantity & absolute quantities of items
  4. Given fractional quantity, absolute quantity of one group & sub-groups relationship
  5. Given fractional quantity, absolute quantity, & repeated-quantity relationship
  6. Given total quantity of combinations involving a common item

High-ability - Decimals

  1. Find fraction of a measurement unit involving conversion of units
  2. Conversion from fraction to decimal, operation on decimals, & rounding off
  3. Given unit price, item quantity and total amount, find change amount
  4. Given operations & final value, find mystery number
  5. Given item quantity, unit mass & final mass, find initial mass
  6. Find number expressed in tens/hundreds/thousands and tenths/hundredths/thousandths
  7. Given unit distance, quantity & additional distance, find total distance
  8. Given total height, height relationship among 3 people, find height of one person

High-ability - Rate

  1. Finding Rates involving Time
  2. Finding Rates involving Money
  3. Finding Total Amount involving Time
  4. Finding Total Amount involving Money
  5. Finding Number of Units

High-ability - Measurement - Volume

  1. Given total volume & quantity, find edge of a cube
  2. Given dimensions of a container & fractional volume, find absolute differential volume
  3. Given base area of container & rate of flow, find absolute volume of water
  4. Given dimension of one container, fractional volume & base area of another container
  5. Given base area, rate of flow & absolute volume, find height
  6. Solve up to 3-step word problems involving volume of cuboids

Mastering Fractions - Four Operations of Fractions

  1. Add mixed numbers without regrouping
  2. Add mixed numbers with regrouping
  3. Subtract mixed numbers without regrouping
  4. Subtract mixed numbers with regrouping
  5. Express division as fractions and mixed numbers
  6. Express the product of a mixed number and a whole number as a decimal
  7. Solve word problems involving multiplying with proper fractions
  8. Solve two-step problems involving multiplying with mixed numbers
  9. Multiply a proper fraction and a whole number
  10. Multiply an improper fraction and a whole number
  11. Fraction of a Remainder


  1. Finding Rates involving Time
  2. Finding Rates involving Money
  3. Finding Total Amount involving Time
  4. Finding Total Amount involving Money
  5. Finding Number of Units

Discovering Geometry - Triangles

  1. Find an angle in a triangle
  2. Find an angle involving an isosceles triangle
  3. Identify different types of triangles
  4. Find unknown angles using properties of triangles
  5. Properties of isosceles triangle
  6. Properties of equilateral triangle
  7. Properties of right-angled triangle
  8. Properties of acute-angled triangle
  9. Properties of obtuse-angled triangle
  10. Angle sum of a triangle
  11. Find area involving triangles and rectangles
  12. Find area involving triangles
  13. Calculate the area of a triangle given a base and corresponding height

Explore Statistics and Probability

  1. Read and interpret pie charts
  2. Solve 1-step word problems using information presented in pie charts
  3. Solve problem using data given in a Pie Chart, involving percentage
  4. Solve problem using data given in a Pie Chart, involving percentage
  5. Calculate mean, median, mode and range

High-ability - Performing Whole Numbers

  1. Find the mass of a container given total mass with different quantity of items
  2. Find the age of a person given the age difference and repeated-quantity relationship between the persons some years later
  3. Given events of operations & final value
  4. Given average height & relationship between two parties, find height of one party
  5. Given average amount & transfer amount, find initial amount
  6. Given average for all, repeated quantity relationship & differential amount, find amount for one party
  7. Given average sales quantity & increase in average, find increase in absolute quantity
  8. Given average before and after the addition of new numbers, find average of new numbers
  9. Real-life Math -Average

High-ability - Fractions (Money)

  1. Given a number & fractional relationship among different numbers, find total value
  2. Given fractional amount & absolute transfer amounts, find an absolute amount
  3. Given fractional amount & absolute amount in repeated-quantity, find the total amount
  4. Given repeated-quantity & fractional relationship, find the total amount
  5. Given unit value & fractional relationship
  6. Given fractional savings amount & difference in total savings
  7. Given total amount, fractional & absolute relationship
  8. Given total amount & repeated-quantity relationship between a unit value and a fraction
  9. Given fraction and the increase in fraction & value

High-ability - Studying Percentage

  1. Given annual savings & savings percentage, find monthly salary
  2. Given absolute amount for one party & percentage relationship between parties. Find total amount
  3. Given percentage interest, and initial amount, find total amount after a timeframe
  4. Given percentage relationship & total quantity, find value difference
  5. Given original price & percentage discount, find amount payable
  6. Given percentage & an absolute amount, find total amount
  7. Given percentage discount and percentage GST, find GST value
  8. Given discount values, find percentage discount

High Ability - Pie Chart

  1. Solve problem using data given in a Pie Chart, involving fractions
  2. Solve problem using data given in a Pie Chart, involving percentage
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